知ってましたか? ロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)はどんなシステムが入るかで頭の良さが全然違います。 イベントコンパニオン様も驚く独自技術で、なんでも喋るロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)をレンタル・派遣します。 イベント経験100回以上、イベントに強いロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)のイベント企画運営・レンタルなら生活革命がオススメです。


[Case Study] NHK TV Show Using Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper System Has Aired!

Early this month, we posted on this blog about NHK’s TV shoot using Seikatsu Kakumei’s event package. (That article is here). Starting from next month (February), various TV programs are starting, so in this article, we’ll introduce the programming subject matter and show you behind the scenes! Pepper Appears as a Special Guest As a special guest on NHK’s high schooler-targeted show, Pepper appeared, powered by our company’s developed program. A Big Success in Recording, Too! As for the results, we were able to deliver a recording without delays from start to finish. The conversation subject matter was also a big hit. While our company has many examples of such …

[Case Study] Pepper Talks Freely?! NHK Educational TV Introduces a Short Backstory

Seikatsu Kakumei’s special Pepper appears on NHK Our company’s very popular event rental “Smart Pepper” (with Robot Party Reception Service, the “robot that can say anything”) has been previously featured on NHK TV programs. [Case Study] What! Seikatsu Kakumei’s Event Package Used in NHK TV Filming [Case Study] NHK TV Show Using Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper System Airing Soon! Even all of the cast members were surprised by the freely talking Pepper. Though many robots are weak at delivering a performance, we put our company’s unique operation knowledge to use, resulting in the work being carried out safely. (Much like under the eyes of a watchful parent). Even during the recording …

NHK様の収録の様子です。 生活革命のペッパーの準備が進みます。

[Event News] New Robot Game Pepper Boxing a Hit Sensation at Robot Saitama!

  This time, we’re bringing you our report of Robot Saitama 2015, held for the first time at Wester Kawagoe on November 3rd. Previously, after participating in an award ceremony for Saitama Prefecture Governor Ueda, there was an event for children and families in which our Pepper software was also utilized. Now, we’re reporting on one of them: Pepper Boxing, which children played. Pepper Boxing also proved very popular at Maker Faire Tokyo 2015. In Pepper Boxing, Pepper is moved by a game controller for a new sensation of robot game. In response to buttons pushed on the game controller, Pepper moves left, right, straight, and can perform hooks and …

[Summer Memories] PR for Girls’ School at Osaka Private School Fair

It’s already November, but we’re delivering our memories of summer series. These are our memories from a private school fair event that took place in Osaka in August. At the Osaka private school fair, booths were set up in the convention hall giving PR and explaining each school’s specialties to students planning for exams and their parents. Osaka’s event is so large as to be uncomparable to those in other prefectures, with tens of thousands of visitors every year, so a strong approach to customer outreach is essential. Our company developed a special software for Pepper to introduce a famous girls’ high school, which was exhibited on site. Pepper called …

[Case Study] Seikatsu Kakumei’s Robot System a Big Hit at Aqura Home’s Big Thanks Event!

Aqura Home’s Event Still a Big Success On September 4, 2016 at Aqura Home’s event held in Shinjuku, Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper system (already experienced as an event guide and spirit booster) was a big hit. The Belle Salle Shinjuku Grand event hall The secret to success, Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot booster As with the school open house event we reported on a while ago, using Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot booster technology, children can be distinguished from older people (for example) and appropriate, flexible conversations are held, bringing good spirits to event receptions. Not just a regular event guide or host, contents are also used to spread knowledge about Aqura Home’s efforts and …

[Event News] We Participated in the Saitama Robot Idea Contest Awards Ceremony!

On November 3rd, our company’s Pepper participated in Saitama Prefecture’s first held Robot Saitama 2015 event. In this blog, we’d like to tell you about the Robot Idea Awards Ceremony that took place within the event.   As for the Robot Idea Contest, For this contest, ideas were solicited from elementary and middle school students from around the prefecture for creative and attractive robot solutions to support our lifestyles and work, as well as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Our Pepper robot participated in this contest’s awards ceremony as an example of a famous robot. The presentation application was also developed and planned by Seikatsu Kakumei. Our Pepper, who …

[Case Study] Pepper Saves Pets!? Seikatsu Kakumei Robot System a Success at Animal Clinical Medical Society

Pepper Stood Before a Long Line at the Trade Show Booth! Aren’t pets like doggies and kitties cute?! ❤ On November 19th and 20th, 2016, at Osaka international conference center Grand Cube Osaka, at the 37th annual meeting of the Animal Clinical Medical Society, Seikatsu Kakumei’s system was a resounding success at the Merial Japan trade booth. Practicing veterinarians as well as scholars and veterinary students came to the event hall in large numbers. With Seikatsu Kakumei’s boasted robot booster technology, customers were called to the presentation on a specialized product for the dental gums of dogs. Using automatic and flexible customer service and a special quiz, Pepper was able …

[Pepper Rental Case] Seikatsu Kakumei’s Robot Reception Service Popular at Toho Gas Gas Energy House

Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper Robot was Called Upon to Represent the Future of Gas Technology Although Seikatsu Kakumei is a company based in eastern Japan, we take orders for robot events across Japan, such as in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima. This time, we found ourselves participating in a children’s event at the Nagoya Toho Gas Gas Energy House. The name of the event was “To a Nostalgic Future: Gas Energy Eco Time Travelers”. Once a year, the current developments and planned future technology of gas energy are demonstrated to local area children through the experiences at this event. This time, our company’s Pepper robot brought a large battery and …

[Case Study] Seikatsu Kakumei’s Event Package Recorded on NHK TV!

Here is our first post of 2017! Our Seikatsu Kakumei Pepper system, used by major overseas jewelry companies, prefectural government officials, banking companies, etc., has also been featured on NHK TV. Different from other companies, we strive continuously to earn our reputation for “no-fail robot events”. The recorded visuals, program content, and other details will be uploaded to this blog at a later time. Whether for a TV recording or a live event, if you need to hold an event that can’t fail, place your order with Seikatsu Kakumei! ♪

Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper Robot System a Big Success at Hospital Technology Event!

■ Seikatsu Kakumei’s Robot Pepper Does a Dance Presentation on the Wonders of New Hospital Technology! The purpose of this event was, at the request of a major foreign hospital technology company, to introduce the latest in hospital technology using Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot Pepper. The common point of Pepper and new hospital technology is “futurism”, so to inspire feelings of the future, a dance was performed combining the presentation with hospital technology. With Seikatsu Kakumei’s dance program, using our original Robot Party Reception Service, numerous guests of the venue were drawn to watch every time, creating success in spreading knowledge of the company’s brand and hospital technology. ■ About Seikatsu …

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