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This is a report from the Okazaki City Tourism Expo, which was held from October 2nd (Friday) to 4th (Sunday) at the Tokyo Sky Tree.

The three days were such a massive success that on the last day, the event had to come to a close before the scheduled time.

Our company’s Pepper applications and input of various Pepper customer outreach know-how for assembling customers led to a huge success, creating a long line of customers!


Pepper gave quizzes, such as “Ieyasu Kou was born in Okazaki City”, “Okazaki City is in Aichi Prefecture”. Even with the inclusion of things that weren’t really PR, Pepper was able to create a deep and long-lasting impression.

From the second day, in the evenings only, Pepper appeared in cosplay selected by our company.

As the great Ieyasu Kou was co-starring, to get into the fighting spirit, Pepper also transformed into the appearance of a warrior.


A tight fit, yet allowing the chest tablet to show, this armor is just for Pepper.

Busho Pepper also garnered the attention of visitors to the event and had many photos taken; it was very popular.


Ieyasu Kou, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, and Mizuno Katsunari of the Aoi battalion corps took a group photo together.


Pepper looks like the one in charge…


Thank you to everyone who participated in Pepper’s quiz.


With this experience, we were able to acquire even more customer outreach know-how.

We are looking forward to being even more helpful when it comes to Pepper event dispatch, operation, rental, and application creation requests.