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From October 2nd (Friday) to 4th (Sunday),  at the Okazaki City Tourist Exhibition at the Tokyo Skytree, our company’s Pepper software was a success. We have heard more and more voices saying that we have contributed to the improvement of customer outreach.

This year, as the 400th anniversary of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Pepper also participated with the Aoi crest.



Pepper, as the leader of a booth in the Tokyo Skytree building’s basement, gives quiz questions about Okazaki City.

In a simple game where Pepper reads out the quiz questions to answer, surprising facts about Okazaki City and Ieyasu, Pepper’s voice is cute and popular. (With our company’s previous case experience, giving Pepper a cutesy speaking voice is becoming a specialty of ours. :))

Parents and children alike all smiled as they enjoyed the quiz.



For participating in the quiz, a reward is given in the form of Okazaki City’s yuru-kyara mascot Okazaemon’s dorayaki.


I wonder what it tastes like?

For those interested, please make sure to participate in the quiz!

Even though the first day was a weekday, many customers participated in the quiz!

Okazaemon, Great Ieyasu Kou, and the recently sharpened with enhanced customer outreach Pepper’s full course of Okazaemon dorayaki ran out before the expected time. (If you come to try it on Saturday, please make sure you come early.)


From small children to foreign visitors, Pepper’s popularity was tremendous.

Although this was the first trial of a quiz application for Pepper, we think it gives a different feeling of satisfaction than when talking with Pepper.


As we put on various events, we can feel Pepper’s recognition growing every season.

Pepper presentation has grown in recognition over the past year; we believe customer outreach will only continue to grow from here.