「失敗できない」ロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)のレンタル・イベント運営なら生活革命。 国・自治体・医療・銀行・訪日など「失敗できない」イベントでのレンタル実績が豊富です。 独自のロボット強化システム「なんでも喋るロボ」で桁違いに賢いPepperの派遣・レンタルも実施。

List of Robots for Event Rentals

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This page introduces our selection of robots available for dispatch and rental for use at trade show expositions, promotional events, and parties.

List of Rentable Robots

Large Robot Rental: Pepper

Pepper(ペッパーくん)の全体図です。身長120cmの大型ロボットです。 イベントや展示会、パーティで活躍しています。

When asked to name a human-shaped robot, most people will answer with Pepper. At trade show booths and promotional events, in storefront placements, product explanations and presentations, campaign information announcements, and more, it acts as a strong support in the expansion of advertising for companies and organizations.

Its distinguishing size and name recognition, along with versatility of event usage, are among its advantages.

For events where a message must be conveyed, visibility is of the utmost importance. Standing at 120 centimeters in height, it is sure to attract the eyes of customers.
It is also widely recognized. Its friendliness is an essential part of customer message acceptance, but Pepper also makes regular appearances on TV and in magazines, so its familiarity is welcomed by young and old alike, regardless of gender, especially family units.
One of its advantage points is that Seikatsu Kakumei has over 100 events of Pepper use experience, ranging from product demonstrations to games and party hospitality, to dance performances, to system development, we have researched an abundance of proposals suited for the use of this robot. Going even further beyond the conventional state of robot mobility and conversational ability, we offer our special original system,Robot Party Reception Service. It offers thorough support for customers who feel a standard unit Pepper rental is not enough, or who are uncertain. 
We particularly recommend Pepper for an eye-catching way to ensure your company’s message is deeply received.

List of Services for Pepper

  → Pepper Boosting System/Service for Events
  → Robot Usage Planning and Operation Assistance for Event Hosts
  → Service for Pepper Unit Standalone Rental

Uses for Pepper

① Conversation and Hospitality on a Surprising Level
② Presentations and Product Demonstrations
③ CEO and Executive Negotiation Presentations
④ Branding Recognition Increase Programs
⑤ Welcoming Overseas VIP Guests to Japan (English and Other Foreign Languages Supported)
⑥ Can be Dressed in Company Colors

Small Robot Rental 1: Sota

Sota(ソータくん)は小型ロボットの中で人気になりつつあります。 展示会やデパート、小売店、催事などさまざまなところで便利に使えます。

Recently picking up a lot of attention, it’s Sota! This robot draws a lot of notice at events. Its compact body (approximately 30 cm) can be placed anywhere, drawing eyes with its loveable, cheerful appearance and sharp colors. Women especially, regardless of age, are drawn in by its cuteness, falling even more in love with Sota’s adorable speech and actions. It successfully helps in distributing numerous pamphlets.
Even when Sota is left alone, it can say numerous dialogues. Since it can already draw a crowd and bring successful results just by being there; using it by simply renting the unit and plugging it in makes a noticeable difference.
Sota(ソータくん)は大画面ディスプレイと連動してプレゼンテーションすることもできます。With the additional use of a big screen display, it can be used to give presentations, introduce products, and transmit company messages. It speaks Japanese, English, and various other languages. It is especially effective for those who are looking to disperse messages successfully within a small space.
Another of its advantages is its comparatively low price. This distinction is related to its also distinct small size. At its low price, retail service companies such as shops and department stores, for example, often rent Sota once and then wind up purchasing one.

List of Services for Sota

Uses for Sota

① Powerful and Lively Customer Outreach
② Presentations (English, Japanese, and More)
③ Automatic Conversation
④ Cost-Conscious Long-Term Automatic Information

Dog Robot Rental

Recently, AIBO, a new type of robot, has been introduced and is gaining recognition. For those who would like to rent AIBO for an event, we can make arrangements. This is the dog robot that we recommend for placing at events.

こんにちは。 AIBO(アイボ)です! と言いたくなります。 AIBO(アイボ)に比べて純粋な犬であるところが最大の特徴です。


What do you think? Doesn’t it look just like a real dog?
AIBO has been gathering attention on a large scale. Since it’s a faithful reproduction of a dog, it offers familiarity with audiences young and old, male or female. Exceptionally approachable and easily understood, you can count on it to attract a large audience!  
We often hear from customers that after drawing a crowd, its gestures and movements are so adorable that not only women and children but adult men will also gather and relax, listening to materials with a smile.
As it is a dog, it can’t do presentations or hold conversations, but for customer outreach and catching eyes, drawing a bustling audience is its strength. Presentation work can be left to Pepper and Sota. With AIBO’s help, the flow of customer outreach > information dissemination > recognition can be achieved.

It’s not complicated – actually, it’s rather simple. It can be used just by renting it, plugging it in, and placing it.

List of Dog Robot Rental Services

Dog Robot Uses

① Gathering Customers at Trade Booths and More
② Veterinary Conferences, Pet Shops, Toy Industry and Related Exhibitions

Small Robot Rental 2: nao

nao(ナオくん)はPepper(ペッパー君)の兄貴分です。 性能は非常に良くて耳も非常に良いです。

This robot isn’t widely talked about, but many people get the feeling they’ve seen him somewhere before. Actually, this robot uses the same operating system as Pepper, so they’re practically siblings. His history is extensive; he’s been around since before Pepper’s appearance and popularization. As nao was born in France, he has foreign language proficiency, including English.
Shorter than Pepper at 60 cm in height, his two legs bend, raise, and lower at the knee. His arms are powered by many motors running down to his fingertips, which allow for a wide variety of expressions. His small size allows him to keep moving even if people get very close, and along with his eye-catching color, gives him a cute appearance.
Standing and moving around on two legs, it’s possible for him to fall down, so caution must be exercised in placement so as to avoid loss of balance, but this robot has charisma.
His voice was designed to be exceptionally appealing for English-speaking audiences, so overseas VIP guests can understand his speech easily, even if the robot is needed in a noisy environment.

List of Services for nao

Uses for nao

① A Robot with Free Movement of Arms and Legs
② Welcoming Overseas and VIP Guests in English and Other Languages (Including Japanese)

In Closing

We hope that this information has found you well. On this page, we have introduced our selection of robots available for rental. Although information on usage has been included, for further questions, such as if you are wondering what type will best fit your event, or suit your customer base, please be sure to send us an inquiry. At Seikatsu Kakumei, our staff who have experienced over 100 events are awaiting your consultations. If you prefer, we can suggest usage styles suited to fit your company.


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