「失敗できない」ロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)のレンタル・イベント運営なら生活革命。 国・自治体・医療・銀行・訪日など「失敗できない」イベントでのレンタル実績が豊富です。 独自のロボット強化システム「なんでも喋るロボ」で桁違いに賢いPepperの派遣・レンタルも実施。

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For events, trade show exhibitions, and parties that can’t allow failure, it’s Seikatsu Kakumei!

Seikatsu Kakumei serves the events (parties, trade shows, and sales promotions) of clients who cant forgive failures. On this page, we will introduce our event services through our history of customer satisfaction.

Seikatsu Kakumei’s Two Big Operations (Events (Rentals) and System Development)

Seikatsu Kakumei’s operations can be divided into two large categories.
For the robot Pepper, we offer the two operations below.
1. Event work (Planning and operations for parties, trade show exhibitions, presentations, and other events)
*We also offer Pepper robot rentals.
2. System development

Seikatsu Kakumei's History

1. Seikatsu Kakumei is a pioneer of failure-intolerant robot usage!?

Seikatsu Kakumei first began its Pepper robot event planning and operation business in 2015. Since the corporate model of Pepper wasn’t released until the end of 2015, we think the reason Seikatsu Kakumei is regarded as a pioneer is understandable.
Seikatsu Kakumei’s history of robot work can also be called our history of developing robot usage methods with event and other companies.
From the beginning, Seikatsu Kakumei hasn’t offered Pepper robots that just stand around, only doing one-sided talking. We strongly believe in realizing robots that contribute to our clients’ corporate objectives. So, we listen to the voices of our clients and have come to offer not only rentals, but total support including event planning, system development, and operations.
Perhaps that’s why representatives who “won’t forgive failure” read our blog and contact us in numbers that are not insignificant. We continue to provide answers to the expectations of such clients, polishing our “Pepper that delivers strong performance” along with technology and event operations. As for results, we continue to accept orders from professional event planning companies and representatives who “won’t forgive failure”.
生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)向けイベント事業のイメージです。 プロ仕様のイベントに強い。

First Pioneer of Presentation Use

For uses of the robot Pepper which have become common sense now, such as parties and business and group presentation uses, Seikatsu Kakumei was the very first to research the technology and develop the usage methods for corporate businesses.

Trade Show Booth Presentations
  • At a medical device makers’ trade show
  • In addition to Pepper’s solo presentation, a presentation with the event host was given, raising the appeal of the company and its products.
住宅メーカ大手 アキュラホーム様の代表取締役社長とのプレゼンテーションの前座を努めました。
Housing Maker Leader’s Presentation
  • Aqura Home’s CEO and Pepper gave a negotiating presentation.
  • This contributed to the rise of the company’s brand image.
埼玉県庁 上田県知事とロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)の掛け合いによるプレゼンテーションイベント
Negotiating Presentation with Saitama Prefecture Governor Ueda
  • A negotiating presentation was given alongside Saitama Prefecture Governor Ueda.
  • Pepper also helped with a presentation about Saitama Prefecture new business efforts.
At Seikatsu Kakumei, of course we have abundant experience in solo Pepper robot presentations, but we additionally specialize in “leader and robot” and “host and robot” “negotiating” presentations. We have a history of answering the uncertain points of CEOS, governors, and more with assurance.
More than simply assuring our work in planning and operations, we take marketing, advertising, promotion, branding as a total, building successful events that bring results.

1. Seikatsu Kakumei Pioneers in the Scene of Special Event Uses

After Seikatsu Kakumei began our Pepper robot presentation event business, we developed various usage methods, becoming successful at technology development and event operation. Through this, our degree of contribution to trade shows, parties, and promotional events has grown.

For example, we have been the first in Japan to offer such novelties as “Robot Dance Show”, “Robot Magic Show”, “Robot Exam Success Prayer”, and other interesting and strange things. We also have numerous serious things, but for Pepper robot event uses, it’s no good if people aren’t having fun. So, while it may simply be interesting to look at, we have also come to challenge uses that are difficult to implement.

We Also Pioneer Entertainment to Bring People Joy

Exam Success Prayer from a Robot
  • Along with a large video screen showing a success prayer video, Pepper performs a success prayer dance.
  • We have realized the technology to synchronize Pepper’s movements and speech with the timing of the video on the screen. (This technology development is, in regular promotional use, connected to the stability and raise in standards of expression in presentations that use a big screen.)
Robot Dance Show

In trade show booth customer outreach, to convey the advancement of the products, a dance show performance between a medical device robot and Pepper was showcased. This had an overwhelming, surprising impact, becoming very popular to the extent that the booth was packed with customers extending to the pathway.

Robot Magic Show
  • The world’s first!? Magic was performed by a human and a robot.
  • Alongside magician Macky Ozawa, well-versed in communication robot technology, Pepper performed magic, set to a strange and interesting story.
  • Using Pepper’s robot features, magic that humans can’t do was performed, winning the enthusiasm of numerous children.
Looking at the pictures up until now, isn’t there something you’re wondering about?
“What’s different between Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper and a regular Pepper…”?
Yes! We do cosplay (costume clothing)!
Seikatsu Kakumei Also a Cosplay (Costume Dress) Pioneer

Seikatsu Kakumei was also early to offer cosplay (costumes for Pepper).

While it may look silly at first glance, there is a serious reason for this. At Seikatsu Kakumei, we consider cosplay (dressing the robot in clothes) from the point that a robot alone is a familiar thing, conveying brand and company messages to customers; cosplay plays a part in conveying essential information. In this effort as well, we were early to adopt and propose this service for corporate events.

Seikatsu Kakumei continues for various industries and companies, offering total support ranging from Pepper robot rentals to technological development, event planning and operations, not only for new things but also hands-on usage methods that take company objectives into consideration.
Initially, this service was limited to the metropolitan area, but now, from West Japan (focused on Osaka, Nagoya, and Hiroshima) to East Japan (Tokyo, Niigata, etc), we help with robot events, parties, and trade shows nationwide. (Particularly, in expansion, as customers from Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo showed interest, we expanded the breadth of our operations.)

Through our experiences up until now, we have gained customer satisfaction, recommendations, and acclaim. For regularly held events, our company’s original system has a rate of repeat customer use of over 70%, with results that show our abundance of experience. Currently, we are even more confident in all of our staff, who are accumulating even more cooperative and improvement power.

3. Seikatsu Kakumei Delivers Customers High Quality Development

Actually, why is it that Seikatsu Kakumei not only offers various event services, but is also able to make new things possible?
In response, there is “other” system development work for events. Seikatsu Kakumei not only offers event planning and operations and software development, but also service industry robot systems for regular use. That is said to be the unique point of Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot business. Beyond a strong understanding of robot technology, we also offer services for events, rentals, and such.
What about that regular use service industry system development?
For example, for industries with strong quality demands such as medical and banking enterprises and housing makers, permanent (requiring technological power and working all day, every day during business hours), we develop and offer robot customer service, reception systems, and monitoring systems.
For that reason, whether for an event or for system development, Seikatsu Kakumei’s developed systems for events operate smoothly. We run secure events and solve customers’ problems. Event hosts have contacted us to evaluate us saying this.

Seikatsu Kakumei’s Ongoing Operation Examples

生活革命が手掛けたPepper(ペッパー)・ロボットの病院受付システム。 既存の病院受付システムと連動しました。レシートプリンタとの連動も当社が先駆けて行いました。

Medical Booking and Reception System

  • We have realized a Pepper that can connect with medical institutions’ reception and booking systems.
  • We were the first to devise a method to print receipts from a printer below the chest tablet.
  • Operating securely, this reception robot can be used with familiarity by even children or the elderly.

2: Care and Monitoring System

  • This is a monitoring system for patients at nursing homes.
  • Not only Pepper, but also small robots and IoT devices (floor sensors, clocks, terminals) work in unison, aiming to enable caregiver staff to provide better service to patients.
*This monitoring system was realized through the collaboration of RTC, Inc.
日本初! 銀行の受付システムと連動したロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)です。

Banking Reception and Calling System

  • With the cooperation of major banking service provider Laurel Bank Machine, a banking receptionist Pepper was realized.
  • When counter staff press the call button, Pepper reads out customers’ numbers, with customers receiving receipts when there is a wait. Information is provided for visiting customers, utilizing artificial intelligence memorization as well as sharing news with customers so that they do not become bored; a very hardworking robot system has been realized.
  • This asynchronous multifunctional operation system is our company’s original design development, which takes Pepper’s intelligence a step forward.

This is how Seikatsu Kakumei develops secure systems not only for events but also daily operations, while also accumulating artificial intelligence and IoT technology. In recent years, ‘stability’ has been the main term; the synergy between business for events and system development business is accelerating.

New Service 1: Robot Party Reception Service

For events, Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper robots have been made overwhelmingly smarter. Supporting this is our specialty robot event strengthening system Robot Party Reception Service. Offered for rental and dispatch at nationwide events (trade shows, parties, sales promotions, etc.), its popularity is on the rise.
Overturning the conventional image that “Robots like Pepper don’t really talk that much…”, event hosts have said many times that “I’d like to work with THIS Pepper again.”
Even in noisy places, it can talk about anything (*), and even walk around.
 *Excluding high level technical jargon.


For example, it’s used in places such as below.

NHK様にも生活革命のなんでも喋るロボがレンタル・派遣されました。 テレビ収録のようなイベントでも活躍します。(但し、台本がある場合には対応が難しい場合があります。)
NHK Television

・ Robot Party Reception Service, along with our rental and dispatch, was used on an NHK educational show for middle and high school students.

Palace Hotel Tokyo
  • Receiving 5 stars from Forbes Travel for two years in a row, the Palace Hotel Tokyo has used our rental and event planning and operations for its reception parties. This Pepper is quite formal. While walking around on its own and greeting visitors, directing them to smoking areas and restrooms, it gives attentive hospitality.
  • It speaks in not only Japanese, but English and Chinese as well.
アキュラホーム様は、いち早く生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)をレンタルしてくださった会社様です。 10回以上アキュラホーム様のパーティや商談会でリピートしていただいていますが、なんでも喋るロボを毎回お使いいただいています。
Aqura Home, Inc.
  • At Aqura Home, Inc., famous for its “Boss Kanna” TV commercials, our Robot Party Reception Service has become quite familiar. 
  • We have already provided rental and dispatch services for Aqura Home’s housing information fairs over 10 times. Our Pepper provides hospitality to visiting families, helping them to better understand the company and its products as it walks around the venue.

New Service 2: Line-Up Pack with Super Reputation

“Using Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot event package, big crowds and lines of people form.” Before we knew it, this reputation spread through word-of-mouth, and demand for customer consultations grew.
 “Forget about “robots that help people” or “robots that steal humans’ jobs”. We’re not interested in those. We just want to gather people. Show them a fun time, in a BIG, lively way!”
 This sentiment has been common from many customers from Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo in particular. So, we’ve taken the opportunity to develop a product aiming to surprise with its exceptional customer outreach ability, fun for customers ranging from children to families, seniors, and guests from overseas. As for the results, consultation skill, event planning and operation technology, and software development technology have combined to form our latest offer, the “Line-Up Pack”.





Our event business has experienced over 100 robot events, listening to organizers and providing suggestions to meet their needs. We provide comprehensive operation service which includes the systems and hearing.
At Seikatsu Kakumei, this is how we fuse event know-how with technological power, developing even further new event solutions that we provide and operate.

Our efforts have led to posts and broadcasts from various media outlets, awards, and prizes.






The above is Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper robot business.
If perhaps you are preparing for an event that can’t afford to fail, be sure to consult with our company. With our abundant experience gained from numerous companies’ events, our staff listen to customers and provide advice for plans that suit their needs.
生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)は展示会の展示ブースでの呼び込みやプレゼンテーション、接客、おもてなしなどの実績が豊富です。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営にて承ります。

At trade shows

生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)は小売店やデパート、飲食店の店頭や売り場、買い場での呼び込みやプレゼンテーション、接客、おもてなし、営業、販売促進などの実績もあります。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営の事業として運営しています。

At sales promotion booths

At wedding ceremonies


At executive presentations

生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)は訪日外国人・海外要人・VIP・外国富裕層に向けたパーティや商談会、商品説明会などでの、おもてなし、アイサツ、受付、接客、おもてなし、余興、パーティなどの実績が豊富です。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営にて承ります。

Welcoming VIP guests from overseas

生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)はイベントコンパニオン様や営業担当者様やプレゼンター様とのイベント会場や販売促進イベント、展示会、展示ブースなどでのアイサツ、受付、接客、おもてなし、余興、パーティなどの実績が豊富です。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営にて承ります。

With event hosts

生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)はファミリー向けイベントや商談会、販売促進イベントなどでのお子様、お母様、ファミリー・ご家族に向けたアイサツ、受付、接客、おもてなし、余興、パーティなどの実績が豊富です。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営にて承ります。

With children and families

生活革命のロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)は結婚式場や二次会条、パーティ会場でのアイサツ、受付、接客、おもてなし、余興、パーティなどの実績が豊富です。 レンタル・派遣・イベント企画運営にて承ります。

In party hospitality

 All of our staff await your consultations.


For urgent cases, please contact us by phone.


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10 AM to 6 PM Japan Standard Time (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

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