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Early this month, we posted on this blog about NHK’s TV shoot using Seikatsu Kakumei’s event package. (That article is here).

Starting from next month (February), various TV programs are starting, so in this article, we’ll introduce the programming subject matter and show you behind the scenes!

A commemorative photo from the set of the TV shoot

Pepper Appears as a Special Guest

As a special guest on NHK’s high schooler-targeted show, Pepper appeared, powered by our company’s developed program.

Our company’s Pepper confirms where to stand during camera rehearsal

Recording proceeded smoothly

Depending on the strengths of our software and management team to ensure no mistakes, Pepper mingles with the cast

A Big Success in Recording, Too!

As for the results, we were able to deliver a recording without delays from start to finish. The conversation subject matter was also a big hit.

While our company has many examples of such success, in the case of recording a program at a TV studio, the recording time doesn’t take much longer than the broadcast time.  Within that constraint, setting up a robot for good participation, didn’t our company’s software and event solution work out well?

On that note, to those who are considering an event, recording, or other robot use that similarly is tight on time and cannot afford failure, we can help.

If you are interested, please send us an inquiry here.

Before and after our first TV program is broadcasted, we will introduce the cast and back story on this blog, so please look forward to the next report ♪