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We Exhibited at the First Robodex Robot Development and Use Show

This is our report of Robodex, a robot development and usage trade show held from January 17th (Wednesday) to 19th (Friday) at Tokyo Big Sight.

At Robodex, service robots such as Pepper, robots for manufacturing work, as well as developments related to robot technology met together to create a large robot-focused trade show.

An Armored Pepper Worked Customer Service

At Seikatsu Kakumei’s booth, we introduced our company’s robot reception and customer service systems. Visitors from industries such as banks and hospitals where high hurdles block the path to commercial operation voiced surprised that we had already achieved a long-term record of accomplishment. They asked questions about how IoT devices, such as ticketing machines and mobile printers work with robots. Our cool warrior cosplay Pepper posed for cool attack photos. From a technical point of view, we heard many reactions about our robots’ performance.

Thanks to our visitors, our booth was such a success that we needed to order additional pamphlets in a hurry on the final day!

Also, our Seikatsu Kakumei booth made it to Nikkei CNBC’s coverage, and became the focus of a special TV feature.

Our company plans to continue to exhibit at many trade shows.

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