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At Maker Faire Tokyo 2015 on August 1st and 2nd, Pepper Boxing will be demonstrated for a limited time at the Pepper booth!

The exhibition time is August 2nd (Sunday) from 2:00 PM until 3:30 PM.


Pepper Boxing Beta is probably the first controller-based Pepper boxing game in Japan.

Our company formed and developed with the cooperation of team Pepper Groove, the winning work of Hackathon which was held on July 11.

In response to the controller input, left, right, hook, straight, and delivering secret moves, you can strongly feel the sensation of moving the robot with your own hands. For now, it’s in beta, but with plans to later release an even stronger version of the game; it’s especially popular with entertainment businesses.(Other businesses have also given acclaim.)


If you see a board like this at the event hall, be sure to come and play!

We will be waiting at Maker Faire Tokyo 2015.