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“We want everyone to feel good working”

We use many devices daily. In that category, we’re introducing one episode our company is a little proud of!



Here’s our all-you-can-drink list!

・Sports drink               Did you say hydration? Right here!
・Oolong tea                 A strong taste for hangovers!?
・Tea                We have green tea, of course
・Sparkling lemon water             For a change of mood
・Red Berry Vitamina                Also good for healthy skin!
・Afternoon Black Tea           Drinking it in the morning is a misdemeanor (just kidding!)
・Doutor Coffee Real Black (Canned) None of those other companies, it’s Doutor!

We have all kinds of varieties!

As Seikatsu Kakumei’s office is close to the station, the building is surrounded by convenience stores, cafes, and a supermarket, so here, you can readily obtain anything you want to drink.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a regular coffee machine?”

“For a change in mood (waking up from feeling sluggish!?), of course it has to be coffee!”

As I was getting into the trend, President Miyazawa spoke.

Miyazawa: “ Ah, this isn’t a company where everyone is forced to work so hard that they need lots of coffee.”


Hearing these words of consideration towards the staff members, the staff also began to discuss lightly…


“Now that you mention it, it would be nice if there were some healthy drinks.”

“Sometimes the drinks in the machine are too cold for the ladies, so I’d like some room temperature drinks”


As such, the drink requests grew and grew!


“So, basically, the arranged drinks can’t be anything unhealthy”

“Wouldn’t some variety and temperature variation be nice?”

“Alright, let’s have bottled and canned drinks!”

“The president says ‘Ah’, but I actually really want coffee…”

“Wouldn’t Doutor canned coffee without any flavors or additives be good?”

“President! Would Doutor be okay?”

Miyazawa: “Yeah, that’s fine”

“If we’re going for relaxation and health support, shouldn’t we have more than just drinks?”

“Let’s add some kind of aromatherapy!”

“An aromatic fragrance might help with concentration!”

Miyazawa: “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s buy it!”


Although our drink conversation turned into aromatherapy at the end, everyone’s opinions were collected and Seikatsu Kakumei’s drink list began.

We plan to continue updating the contents of this list in line with employee’s requests!

Starting with the president, all employees of Seikatsu Kakumei are free to voice their opinions, improving the workplace and creating a company where people feel comfortable working.

Wouldn’t you also like to work at Seikatsu Kakumei, where colleagues concentrate, work seriously, and sometimes enjoy fun derailments together?