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Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper Robot was Called Upon to Represent the Future of Gas Technology

Although Seikatsu Kakumei is a company based in eastern Japan, we take orders for robot events across Japan, such as in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima.

This time, we found ourselves participating in a children’s event at the Nagoya Toho Gas Gas Energy House.


The name of the event was “To a Nostalgic Future: Gas Energy Eco Time Travelers”. Once a year, the current developments and planned future technology of gas energy are demonstrated to local area children through the experiences at this event.

This time, our company’s Pepper robot brought a large battery and was deemed the future of robots working with energy.

Approximately 4,200 guests arrived at the large event on this day.

It seemed that the director had a strong feeling in this request.

We hope for Pepper to participate in events that give a sense of the future.

We have been told that our company was chosen after an introduction from a customer from another event, in which our Pepper event service was well-received.

(It seems that because our company’s Robot Reception Service is even smarter than a usual Pepper, guests could also get a feeling of the future from it.)

Boosted with Seikatsu Kakumei’s Robot Reception Service, Pepper is a Great Success

These are our company’s applications which were used in this event:

-Robot Reception Service

-Robot Customer Service System

-Pepper Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

The biggest special attraction is that on top of Pepper’s usual system, our new system allows the robot to listen and talk about nearly anything.

The children and parents who came to the event were not only able to meet Pepper for the first time, but in a form that can talk about anything, allowing them to have a fun experience chatting about different topics with the robot. This Robot Reception Service, which is not available from anywhere else, is especially popular with kids. For this purpose, we are receiving a large volume of orders.

The long line never stopped!

Although it was necessary to limit interactions to once per person, it was extremely popular with the children who went to the event.

As a result, until the end of the event, the line of customers waiting to interact with Pepper never stopped.

Actually, for an hour after opening, a Pepper stood outside greeting, welcoming, and talking to children.

In contrast to the staff members who shivered in the cold (us included), Pepper who is resilient to cold temperatures talked with and entertained children in the same energetic condition.


We believe the children who attended went home with memories of a robot age that should surely come.

As these children grow up, won’t it be fun to see what type of future they develop?

In Closing

At our company, we not only offer the industry’s top class in Pepper and robot performance, but also, we have accumulated extensive management expertise.

If you are considering a robot-operated event or system operations, please contact us.