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Hello! This is Seikatsu Kakumei’s PR representative. This blog is the story of a robot rental at an event sponsored by a major housing manufacturer that is a frequent user of Robot Party Reception Service, Aqura Home. This marks the 30th time Aqura Home has used our rental of Pepper upgraded with Robot Party Reception Service. We’ll be writing more about our “robot that can say anything” another time, but at this commemorative event, a new robot also participated.


A Small Robot (Sota) Appears!

In contrast with Pepper, holding a reputation for being small and cute, it’s the small size robot Sota. It was rented alongside Pepper with Robot Party Reception Service.

What’s Sota’s Job?

Pepper, powered up with Robot Party Reception Service, has the advantage of moving around freely and having face to face conversations with guests, entertaining everyone with the appropriate contents and games. It took on the role of informing about Aqura Home’s main content points. On the other hand, Sota delivers long (5-10 minute) explanations and gives presentations utilizing a display of any size. That’s just one of its specialties. Using that distinction, it explained Aqura Home’s history and the advantages of its products.
ソータ君が企業を紹介Even within the housing industry, Aqura Home is a company that has quickly made many efforts and accomplishments, and its products offer many advantages not found elsewhere. This information is concentrated and compacted it into a short time, mixed with gestures, entertaining while ensuring it is listened to. This is the role that Sota was able to fill exceptionally. From the story of the company’s creation to its record of numerous awards, new products, and introductions of available housing examples, Sota explained them one by one.

How Was Sota’s Presentation Received?

As a result, it was favored by families with children. Additionally, many adults also listened until the end.
With a regular Pepper, tottering children often cry before they start to like the robot, but in the case of Sota, children of all ages smile and listen to its conversations from the start. As a result, their parents also listened to this talk with them, leading entire families to remember and have positive feelings towards the company’s information.
Actually, Sota combined the information with gestures. This skill is also effective when used by human presenters looking to draw attention to their explanations. That’s why, even when adults started to listen to the information, they continued to focus until the end of the explanation without losing interest.
(Actually, watching Sota’s gestures in real time, they’re top-class cute even among other robots).
At the venue, event Aqura Home’s staff in attendance favored it, saying “This type of talk can’t be completely conveyed in business due to time constraints, but it’s information that people should be told. For this situation, this robot is convenient, isn’t it? It seems like it can be used in other places, too!”, and so on. It received positive feedback from not only customers but also staff as well.

In Closing

This has been a rare case of introducing an example not of Robot Party Reception Service, but rather, putting a Sota rental in the spotlight. This has been the story of how, with Sota’s adorableness and specialty in the field of delivering long presentations, the company’s history and explanations of its products were well received.
“I’d like to try a robot that’s a little different from Pepper, from a different company.” “I’d like to make it provide long explanations.” For exceptionally strong companies, the more information customers learn about the company, the more likely they are to buy. For this type of case, it is becoming apparent that Sota is quite handy.

首をかしげるソータ君At our company, we offer and develop this type of event power-up package with Sota and more. If perhaps you’re thinking you’d like to try it out as well, our company’s staff have an abundance of experience starting from Pepper, so please consult with us. We will listen attentatively.


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Event Summary

Aqura Home’s Hospitality Big Thanks Customer Appreciation Event
  Event Date and Location  November 2018
Event Hosting Company Aqura Home Hospitality Thanks Event
Customer Goal Inform customers in the process of deciding to purchase a home about Aqura Home’s strengths and bring them to like the company.
Robots Used Pepper, one unit; Sota, one unit
Services Implemented Robot Event Placement and Operation Robot Party Reception Service for Pepper Robot Rental (Pepper) ・Dance Pack ・ Small Robot Service (Sota)

Implemented Contents and Results ・ Robot Party Reception Service greeted guests and made conversation as it danced and provided contents. Sota introduced the company’s history, the advantages of its products, etc. via a long presentation.

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