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Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper Provides English Language Entertainment and Hospitality at Trade Show Booths

Hello, this is Seikatsu Kakumei’s event representative.
As we calm down from June’s busy event season, how are you doing? At our company, we’re already receiving a high volume of inquiries for the next big event season, making us busy all over again! Before Obon break, we’d like to put together everything there is to put together! We figure there must be a lot of event representatives with this on their minds.
Anyway, here is the second half of our previous post, 
The venue hasn’t changed – Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa’s international convention hall, International Convention Center Pamir. We simply moved a little bit, from the presentation area to the trade booth section.
This event didn’t only consist of the presentation shown in the first half – the second half took place in a different room, facing all of the enthusiastic business workers at the trade booths.
Basically, our Robot Party Reception Service (English Version) rental and dispatch was called on to
-Ensure the guests were entertained as a display of gratitude
-Help a large number of guests enter the trade booths
-Remind guests of easily overlooked details regarding product explanations and the company vision
(Wouldn’t it be difficult for a human to do all of this alone?)
The guests, as before, included no Japanese, only visitors from around the world who were able to use English.
So, our Robot Party Reception Service was set to full English mode.

Over the Course of 5 Hours, Pepper Talked to a Total of 300 People!

Actually, the sum of 300 people mentioned here in the title refers to the number of guests served by Pepper, boosted with our Robot Party Reception Service. It attracted the attention of 300 customers, entertained them, and provided them with booth information.
This is no small task. A regular Pepper simply waits for guests, with large numbers left unrealized as customers wane, at least at city events.

Customer Service Volume Realized by Our Pepper at High Speed

Powered up with our Robot Party Reception Service, Pepper moves around looking for guests. For example, when it is done serving or informing the guest in front of it, it will move to find the next guest to serve and approach that person. Then, it will start a conversation with them on its own. This is how it continues to interact with customers, without interruptions.
This is the kind of cooperation that our Pepper with Robot Party Reception Service gives, with the ability to serve entire crowds. It boasts dance performances and other contents that surprise and delightfully entertain large numbers of people. The guests from overseas gave standing ovations to the articulate dance performances, which a human would need to practice very diligently to perform.
That’s how customer service and satisfaction rates are so high, and Pepper is able to serve a large volume of customers within a short time frame.

The CEO Stopped By 3 Times on This Day

The CEO stopped by the booth to thank Pepper for the success of the presentation in the first half. He enjoyed chatting with our “robot that can say anything” so much that he returned for a second and third time just for fun. It seems he was interested in the smart, cute, and serious impressions Pepper gave off as it held conversations and provided booth information.

Actually, With Our Company, This Isn’t Unusual

Though we’ve been told that we overdo presentations, results such as the above are not so rare. Whether in Japanese or English, for Japanese or visiting international audiences, within or outside of the capital area, for adults or children, the results are about the same.
Our Pepper boosted with Robot Party Reception Service leaves customers exceptionally satisfied in the ways described above and more, while its endless liveliness works to achieve your company’s goal at the same time, in a system that is being continuously improved upon. Our company listens attentively to event planners’ event information, working with our engineers to adjustRobot Party Reception Service to bring favorable results.
For foreign visitors, showing off all this power may present a particular advantage. Since international guests are travelers from overseas, we often hear of these visitors returning to their home countries and telling many people about their experiences, such as the fun of Pepper’s hospitality. When they do, inevitably they will also talk about the event itself, spreading favorable word of mouth.

In Closing

This time, Seikatsu Kakumei’s popular service Robot Party Reception Service was called to introduce conversation to overseas visitors.
If you’re looking to grow your customer base, entertain your customers, or convey your company’s message through an event (such as a trade expo, corporate party, organization awareness activity, seminar, etc), perhaps our Robot Party Reception Service (the “robot that can say anything”!) can show you its power.
If you’re wondering if it could be used at your similar event, please be sure to contact us with your questions or consultation requests. As for event scheduling for 2018, dates are quickly filling up, but we would be pleased to work with you in a way that will satisfy both you and your guests.

Please submit your inquiry here.

For an introduction to Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot event business, please see this page.

Event Summary

Overseas Global Cosmetics Company’s International Convention Event
Setting and Location
2018 Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Convention Hall (International Convention Center Pamir)
Customer Name
Major Global Cosmetics Manufacturer
Customer Goals
・ Bring hospitality to the cosmetics sales agents, gathering from worldwide. Thank them. Show them a fun time.
・ Convey the company’s advancement and the COO’s message.
Robots Used
・Pepper (one unit)
Services Implemented
 Event Robot Use Planning and Operation
・ Pepper Robot Presentation Planning, Creation, and Operation
Robot Party Reception Service for Pepper
Robot Rental (Pepper)
・ Dance Pack for Robot Party Reception Service (Pepper)
Implemented Contents and Results
At the entrance to the cosmetics maker’s exhibition booth at the international conference where its outstanding employees were gathered, the company’s product lineup was introduced, with customer hospitality, conversation, and dance performances given. Shortly after opening, a crowd formed with few breaks.
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