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Pepper Gave a Presentation to 300 Customers

Recently there have been many warm days with nice weather, so doesn’t it feel like spring?

(Pollen is also in full effect, so personally it’s been unfortunately a difficult season…)

Moving on, we have a big update of a case using our company’s robot Pepper.

On March 21 (Saturday), our company’s Pepper was rented and, in front of approximately 300 customers Pepper gave a company presentation! The presentation program and stable operation on this day were realized by our staff.

(Other than SoftBank’s previous sponsored ones, this was probably the largest.)


Wanting to Convey to Customers Through Pepper

Originally, this project began after many consultations where the clients sought to use Pepper’s power towards family customers to facilitate understanding of the companies and products to a large audience.

Studying the company’s vision and direction, product considerations, and more while suggesting concepts, contents, and movements for the message Pepper should convey, we were able to create while discussing with the clients.

As for the results, the reaction of visiting customers was extremely positive. As the company and its products’ image improved, the client was also pleased.

Through Pepper’s voice, this became a case where the company’s message was more deeply conveyed.


The Advantages of Our Company’s Pepper Presentations

At our company, together with clients, we not only create Pepper programs. We also suggest concepts, etc., tailored to the company’s way of thinking concept, and from there, programming speech topics and movements, and additionally, the setting, etc of the event hall.

As Pepper is an exceptionally delicate robot, there are times where it may suddenly stop even without anything being done to it.

At Seikatsu Kakumei, we create solutions to that type of risk in advance with both technology and operations, realizing stable performance.

If perhaps any customers would like to give a presentation using Pepper, please be sure to consult with us.