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Pepper at Saitama Prefecture Venture Support Center

Accepting a Pepper rental request from Saitama Foundation Venture Support Center Saitama on March 3rd (Friday), we participated in Foundation Venture Support Center Saitama’s sponsored event, Foundation Facebook page 1,000 Likes Commemorative Exchange Meeting +Mini-Seminar.

Foundation Venture Support Center Saitama :
The Foundation’s Facebook page is here :

This event was held in commemoration of companies and individuals registered with the support center’s Facebook page growing to over 1,000, as a commemorative ceremony, a panel discussion led by successful Foundation members, and an exchange meeting took place among the registrants.

In the midst, our company’s Pepper acted as host for customer outreach and reception, and part of the presentation.
During the presentation and exchange meeting, Pepper’s characteristic cuteness and jokes warmed up the venue, with many people communicating with Pepper even at the exchange meeting, which we feel played a part in adding excitement to the meeting.

The Results of Pepper’s Appearance

As for results, customer outreach saw a 15% increase.
(As this was a meeting where children could not attend, these customer outreach results went beyond our imaginations.)

With the size of the customer outreach results and excitement brought by the role, once again verifiable points, this became an exceptionally significant project.

During Pepper software planning and development, we received cooperation from the Foundation Venture Support Center Saitama’s Yamazaki.
Based on the meeting’s atmosphere and visitors’ specialty jointly created scenario and such, the positive continuation was considered to be connected to this event’s results.
(Thank you, Yamazaki!)

At Seikatsu Kakumei, to enable Pepper presentations from here onwards, we plan to enhance Pepper rentals.

In the next renewal, we’ll demonstrate the state of reception, presentation, and trade exhibitions with photographs.