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For the major tourism package search company Kayak’s TV commercial,

our company’s robot event operation service was used.

If you visit its broadcast regions (England, Spain, France, Poland, Latin America),

please be sure to watch.


Taking on the Production and Operation of Sota’s Performance

In this commercial, there are 6 of Sota!

Six of Sota, speaking English lines and moving together in beautiful synchronization.

For this commercial shoot,

after Seikatsu Kakumei was selected,

we offered all-in-one support ranging from

developing robot movement plans,

pre-event verification,

up to the set-up and operation on the big day.

(After learning about the commercial shoot’s effects and requirements, we recommended renting Sota.)

With the strong support of everyone involved,

using the experience gained from over 100 event robot rentals starting from the time of Pepper, including national TV show appearances,

we were able to make the speedy and accurate support a global company needs into a reality.


Consultations for Robot Event Operation and Rentals

At Seikatsu Kakumei,

starting with this kind of Sota rental, performance, and operation service,

we offer a wide variety of event robot rental services.

As this spring (a season of exciting events) approaches, please be sure to consult with us.

Event Summary

Kayak Global TV Commercial Shoot Operation
  Event Date and Location November 2018
Company Organizing Event Kayak 
Customer Goal ・ A TV commercial about Kayak’s products
Robots Used ・Sota, six units (plus other backup equipment)
Services Implemented・ Robot Event Placement Planning and Operation Robot Rental (Pepper)Small Size Robot Business (Sota)
Implemented Contents and Results ・ 6 units moved their bodies and spoke the English script in unison
Similar Events (Approved for Disclosure) Commemorating Pepper’s 30th Appearance at a Certain Housing Maker’s Event. a Small Robot Appears! (Sota Rental Case Example)