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This is Seikatsu Kakumei’s PR team.

Recently, we covered the details of how our company’s Pepper rental was used at a special scam victim prevention event at Omiya Station in Saitama Prefecture.

賞状を貰うペッパーペッパーの周りに人だかりができるSeikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper Rental was Used at the Saitama Police Booth  


Because of the event’s activity…




The Saitama Police kindly bestowed our company’s Pepper


with a thank you letter!



Reading, “For a great contribution to the important activity of raising

scam damage awareness, deepening the understanding of how important it is

to avoid falling victim to a scam.”

it was a great honor to accept such an award.

In the image below, from the day after, the award was formally accepted. (This time, alternatively, our company’s CEO accepted it.)


Though we continue to create special robot systems for events,

it was a great honor to accept, which left all of our employees speechless.


This time, Pepper was rented boosted with Seikatsu Kakumei’s original system “Event Specific Customer Service System”.


Along with the effort of the Saitama Police, we were able to create a Pepper that visitors found familiar.

It was a story exemplifying the reasons we want to continue, in the spirit that helpful robots should continue to be available for event rentals.