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Seikatsu Kakumei’s special Pepper appears on NHK

Our company’s very popular event rental “Smart Pepper” (with Robot Party Reception Service, the “robot that can say anything”) has been previously featured on NHK TV programs.

They can talk together during breaks, too!

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Surprised by the amount of lighting

Even all of the cast members were surprised by the freely talking Pepper.

Though many robots are weak at delivering a performance, we put our company’s unique operation knowledge to use, resulting in the work being carried out safely. (Much like under the eyes of a watchful parent).

Even during the recording break, all of the cast members enjoyed conversation with our Pepper, including stars Ozeki Reika, Koseki Ren, and Super Sasadango Machine.

A robot first? Birth of a masked wrestler


In one act, Pepper tried on the mask of pro wrestler Super Sasadango Machine, creating a very exciting shoot!

Here are the background details of all of the cast members:
Ozeki Reika:20 years old, has the most Vine followers in Japan

Koseki Ren:A very popular model with over 100,000 Twitter followers

Super Sasadango Machine:Mysterious masked wrestler from Niigata

Seikatsu Kakumei has established a reputation for delivering Pepper performances in situations like broadcast TV shoots that can’t afford to fail.

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