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On this July 3rd, at a Shinjuku event center, we were taken to a customer appreciation event for major housing manufacturer Aqura Home.

We at Seikatsu Kakumei had also previously brought our Pepper to a housing trade show show on behalf of the same company, in which considerable popularity was achieved, so we were also called upon for this event.

The company’s homeowners across Kanto were invited to this day’s event in large numbers from one yen. Pepper’s customer service cooperation played a part of this important event to show the guests that they are valued.

Pepper welcomes guests


In the Shinjuku event hall, at the bottom of the long escalator, Pepper welcomed guests.

“Hello! Thank you for coming to Aqura Home’s Summer Great Appreciation Event! We’ve prepared a lot of entertainment so that everyone can have fun today. I hope you enjoy yourselves!”

Many customers who came with their families were welcomed by Pepper and entered the event hall. In the midst, surprised by Pepper’s greeting with rich body language and hand gestures, many small children stopped to talk! This is yet another way in which Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper is different from other companies’ Peppers: a special level of skill in conversation.

Pepper with special skill in conversation


“Oh, it’s Pepper!” “There’s something here!” “Wow, it’s looking over here!” “Who is this?”

Children become excited to meet Pepper in unexpected places. And, Pepper responds to the children and replies to their talk.

Pepper: Hello. Where are you from?

Kid: Yokohama

Pepper: Yokohama? What kind of a place is it?

Kid: I guess it’s the countryside.

Pepper: The countryside? Really. Do you have a TV?

Kid: Yeah, we have one! Of course.

Pepper: What about internet?

Kid: Yeah, we’ve got it.

Pepper: So, I could live there too!

Kid: (laughs)


Kid (facing Pepper): May I take a picture?

Pepper: That’s fine! Make sure you take a good one, okay?

Can Pepper really give such natural conversation replies?

People may have been surprised after reading the above conversation, but at our company which has had abundant experience in developing Pepper event application technology, we have been able to realize smooth and natural conversation replies.

This only took place in one corner of the event hall, yet Pepper was constantly surrounded by children and their families, making conversation, playing games, and maintaining a cheerful environment of non-stop smiles. The day’s event was the result of many kinds of extensive planning, yet the interactions with Pepper overwhelmingly made children extremely happy.  At the same time, we think all of the homeowners could feel Acura Home’s advanced spirit of taking on challenge. With Pepper, we were able to offer customers a day to last in their memories.

Our company’s Pepper event rentals produce great results, so please feel free to contact us for consultations and inquiries.