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This is sudden, but there’s a problem.

In the manga Doraemon, Doraemon has to go back to the future for repair and maintenance, but where does he go for his repairs?

OK, time’s up!

Now, for the correct answer…

Doraemon undergoes maintenance, in the future, at Matsushiba Robot Factory.

Probably not very many of you know such a small detail, but if you think about it, even a robot built with high grade technology like Doraemon sometimes breaks down and needs repairs.

Hmm? So, our Pepper?

Come to think of it, we haven’t thought about a time coming when Pepper might break.

I wonder if the head will just keep spinning around. Will it ignore the three principles and just keep on, ignoring the damage, and lead to a group rebellion?

・What kind of conditions would lead to a break down?
・About how much are the repair fees?

I guess those of us who haven’t experienced it yet haven’t thought to look it up.

On that note, this topic is about the little-known breakdowns!

First, we’ll explain about the business-focused Pepper for Biz! For general models, look out for our second part.

(That said, I wonder exactly who pays Doraemon’s maintenance fees…)

*This article is based on May 28th’s news. It was written without  regards to May 19th’s Android release version, as we did not have information to consider it.

What Constitutes ‘Broken’ When it Comes to Pepper?


On SoftBank’s website, in the ‘Support Information’ section under ‘Robot’, there is a page titled ‘If you’re thinking, “Maybe it’s broken,”’with detailed troubleshooting information. For problems not described there, or for ones that are, yet the troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, you’ll have to ask at a support window. If you go ask, the specialized staff will investigate the problem. If the result is judged as needing repair, that condition is known as “broken”.

Troubleshooting is described on the website, such as:

・The power won’t turn on
・The sensors are giving errors
・The network is no longer connected
・The language got changed
・I can’t download robot applications
・Pepper stopped answering

along with a variety of other problems.

If it’s broken, it will need to be sent out for repair.

How Does Repair Reception Work?

With Pepper’s corporate model, Pepper for Biz, correspondence exchange is included in the basic plan. If you ask at the help desk, the faulty machine will be collected and replaced on the date and time designated by the contractor. After replacement, the replacement Pepper can be used continuously, but the repair fee for the broken Pepper must be paid. Upon repair, an estimate will not be released, so beforehand, “Dependent on the results of the examination, I will accept the burden of any fees if repair is deemed necessary” must be agreed to.

The damaged robot can be sent via shipping company in a storage box with packing, but before shipping, the following preparations are necessary.
・Erasure of data
・Password reset

Before the faulty machine is sent for repair, please make sure to back up important data.

Also, the firmware of a replacement machine will not always be the same as that of the previous broken one, so you must be prepared in the case that some applications may no longer be useable.



What is the Cost of Repair?

Actually, looking on SoftBank’s website and contract, a terrible thing is written.

・Repair fees can become exceptionally expensive.
・The repair fee can be as much as 1,260,000 yen as an upper limit. (Pepper for Biz basic plan contract)

As such, the shipping fee, inspection, diagnostic and other fees may be incurred.

It can lead to an amount of money that will make you want to blurt, “In that case, isn’t it just cheaper to buy a new one?”

Rest assured. There is a way to resolve this.

Insurance packs are available to reduce or eliminate repair fees.

About Insurance Packs

Think about it carefully. Money is important.

So, insurance is important, isn’t it?

Insurance packs that apply to corporate models are as follows.

Model Corporate Model Basic Model
Service Name Pepper for Biz Security Insurance Pack Described in Part 2
Cost 9,800 JPY/Month
Agreement Optional
Availability Time of Pepper Purchase (Not available otherwise)
Duration 36 Months (SoftBank will contact you after the end of the 36 months)
Compensation Repair expenses due to failure (whether deliberate or negligent) are fully compensated. However, a troubleshooting fee of 30,000 JPY is charged.

The agreement period lasts 36 months. At the end of the 36 months, you will be contacted by SoftBank and given an option to continue your insurance plan.

Although the website states that both willful and negligent cases will be compensated for, the contract also states that compensation may not be applied in cases of intentional negligence. Caution must be taken as coverage is not applied if Pepper is used in ways not covered in the instruction manual (such as outdoor use, application damage, or overseas use).

How about it?

Have we helped you to understand the repair and breakdowns that most of us just don’t think about?

“Well, I understood, but I’m scared it could break down the day before an important event…”

Yeah, it could, it could. In the Pepper for Biz basic plan, subscribers can exchange correspondence, but even so, it’s difficult to make an exchange by the same or next day. So, it’s hard to shake the uneasiness.

Pepper is a costly purchase, so most owners won’t buy multiple units. Even at Seikatsu Kakumei, we have taken many consultations regarding this type of uncertainty.

In this type of case, it’s possible to rent from a rental service. In the case that “It broke, so until the replacement from SoftBank comes, I want to have a substitute right away”, depending on the service provider, delivery may be completed within 1-2 days.

Our company, Seikatsu Kakumei also offers this type of delivery service. In addition to Pepper services which are already provided, one-shot event uses, event production and event-use software can be purchased together as an all-in-one package.

If you felt lost at all reading this article about breakdowns, please contact us freely.