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Hello. This is Seikatsu Kakumei’s entertainment PR team! We’re back again as your entertainment hosts, bringing you news and information in an entertaining way that contrasts with Seikatsu Kakumei’s professional image.


Once again, this is very sudden, but there’s a problem.

In what year did the creator of the manga Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio, die?

OK! Time’s up.

The correct answer is 1996.

Somehow, it’s already been 20 years… With that, isn’t it strange that a robot like Pepper has been made available for basic sale? (On the contrary, Doraemon is born in 2112, so we’re still a bit early.)

This time, we’re continuing the previous topic of Pepper breakdowns, with information on the basic model.
For information on the corporate model, please also refer to this article.
(Though, I wonder who pays Doraemon’s maintenance fees…)

*This article is based on May 28th’s news. It was written without regard to May 19th’s Android release version, as we did not have information to consider it.


What is the Flow of Basic Model Repair Acceptance?

*Taken from SoftBank’s website

The corporate model we explained last time offers a simple exchange, but with the basic model, Pepper is repaired after an initial deposit is made. Then, the repair takes approximately one month. It seems that during the repair period, there is no alternative machine rental, so this is a danger for those who have only one Pepper.

The damaged robot can be sent via shipping company in a storage box with packing, but before shipping, the following preparations are necessary.
・Data backup
・Password reset

When sending it in for repair, data will be reset, and everything will be restored to original shipping conditions. Also, the OS will be upgraded to the most recent version before it is returned.

By the way, in the case of initial failure at the time of purchase, the following applies:
・Check the condition according to the checklist within 21 days, including the day the shipment was placed. As long as it is within 60 days from the date of shipment, SoftBank will repair or replace it at their expense only if the customer sends an inquiry through the support site.

Also, if a broken unit is returned without improvement,
・After repairs, within 14 days from the arrival date, checking the conditions against the checklist, and within 14 days sending an inquiry to the home page, only if your case has been judged as a double breakdown, SoftBank will repair it at their expense.

Of course, if you paint or remodel it, you will be charged.

In other fine details, let’s also take note of the following:
・If there are multiple failure locations, it is not possible to repair it all in one place (all at one time)
・Pepper parts are retained for 3 years after the end of sales (after 3 years from discontinuation, repair is not possible)
・Pepper disposals must be processed through SoftBank’s disposal/collection method (Inquire)

Lastly, how to dispose of Pepper is not something we normally think of, is it?

Robots are normally lined up with other large garbage such as refrigerators, not a very funny situation. On that troubling note, isn’t it nice that a method of disposal has been recommended?

What are the Costs of Repair?

Looking at SoftBank’s website, infuriating things are written.
・Repair fees “may become uncommonly expensive”
・Approximately “300,000 to 700,000 JPY”

Including this, along with shipping, inspection, and diagnostic fees, it’s possible for the fees to add up.

It’s the kind of money that makes people want to shout, “If that’s the case, instead of Pepper I should just get a giant model of R2-D2!”without thinking.

Rest assured, there is a solution.

Even for the basic model, there is an insurance pack offered that reduces the costs of repair.

About Insurance Packs

Actually, for the basic model, insurance subscription is required.

The monthly fee is 9,800 JPY, for 36 months. The corporate model is insurance subscription-optional, so it’s a little different.

The differences between the basic and corporate models are as below.

Model Pepper Basic Model Pepper for Biz Corporate Model
Service Name Pepper Insurance Pack Pepper for Biz Security Insurance Pack
Cost 9,800 JPY/Month
Agreement Required Optional
Availability Time of Pepper Purchase (Not available otherwise) 
Duration 36 Months (after which it expires) 36 Months (SoftBank will contact you after the end of the 36 months)
Compensation Repairs are free within 180 days of purchase.
After that, there is a 
90% discount on repairs not due to user error.
Repairs due to intentional misuse or negligence are performed at a 50% discount.
Repair expenses due to failure (whether deliberate or negligent) are fully compensated. However, a troubleshooting fee of 30,000 JPY is charged.

For the basic model, the insurance pack ends after 36 months and is non-renewable. The corporate model is treated differently in that at the end of the 36 months, SoftBank will contact the user. On the website, compensation is also offered for willful and negligent damages, but the contract includes a statement that it may not be applied in cases of intentional or negligent damage, or in cases where Pepper has been used contrary to instructions (outdoor use, application damage, or overseas use), so take note. This is the same for the corporate model.

How about it?

Have we helped you to understand the repair and breakdowns, basic and corporate, that most of us just don’t think about?

“Well, I understand, but the basic model and the corporate model…I’m not sure which one I should choose…”

All in all, for corporate uses, the corporate model with its great support and repair system is a good choice. At our company, we offer consulting regarding installation support, so please be sure to contact us at your convenience.

Circumstances may differ, so if you have any confusion after reading Part 1 and Part 2, please feel free to contact us.