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Renewed on May 19, 2015
As additional details regarding Pepper’s Android functionality have been released by SoftBank, we have added the price and fees for the Android version.

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This is our second part, following our previous commentary on the Pepper corporate model.

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You’ll Understand in 3 Minutes: Simple Explanation of Pepper for Biz  

Recently, the chances of seeing Pepper on the street have really increased. At our company, we specialize in corporate industry-use Pepper application development and installation support. We have seen an increase in questions from companies that are considering introducing Pepper, along the lines of “What can Pepper do, anyway?” and “Which plan is the best to use?”.

You may have seen it on SoftBank’s homepage before, but you probably wonder about not only the features and plans, but also what your company would use it for, how much it costs, and other information.

Seikatsu Kakumei has recently been renting Pepper out for many events, so we are often thought of as a Pepper rental company. Actually, however, we are a SoftBank authorized sales agency. Seikatsu Kakumei has recently been renting Pepper out for many events, so we are often thought of as a Pepper rental company. Actually, however, we are a SoftBank authorized sales agency. From the perspective of our company, which has significant experience with and knowledge of Pepper, we are going to provide easy-to-understand examples for those who want to know about Pepper in more detail. We hope that it will prove helpful for those who are considering purchasing Pepper.

In this article, in addition to Pepper (basic model) and Pepper for Biz (corporate model), we have compared the value and cost of the Android version of Pepper which was announced on May 19, 2016 (development model). Actually, the various models differ in payment method (one-time vs. installment plan) and contract method (purchase vs. rental), so monthly payments and total amounts will vary. Just from the homepage information, isn’t the finalized cost after installment a bit concerning? Furthermore, some readers may be concerned about why charges are incurred in addition to the robot body. In this article, we have compiled the necessary costs of Pepper installation. If you just read this article, you’ll be fine in understanding the complicated plan charges and installation methods.

*This article’s contents are based on information from May 19, 2016. It was created using information described on SoftBank’s homepage and Terms of Use.




What Fees are Involved in Installing Pepper?

Three basic costs are incurred when making an agreement with SoftBank to use Pepper. In addition to buying the robot body, the basic service plan for use and insurance plan are necessary.

<Pepper Body>
Whether buying or renting, it is necessary to pay for the Pepper body. In addition to the Pepper robot itself, the charger and other accessories required for use are included.

<Basic Plan>
This basic plan is necessary to use Pepper efficiently. With the basic plan, you can enjoy conversations with the robot and use applications to make it perform work. The details of the basic plan differ between the basic and corporate models. (Detailed information can be found in tomorrow’s article release comparing the features and services of the basic and corporate models.)

<Insurance Service>
Since Pepper is a precision machine made with many parts, there is a possibility that the costs of repair may increase. To offer peace of mind in the event of a failure, services are offered at a fixed monthly fee which discount or exempt repair costs incurred at the time of failure. Under the standard warranty, just entering the standard warranty service covers breakdowns even outside of the range, so it is like insurance. The details of the warranty service differ between the basic and corporate models. (Detailed information can be found in tomorrow’s article release comparing the features and services of the basic and corporate models.)


Pepper(Basic Retail Model)Value, Cost

For the basic retail model, there is a choice between a one-time payment and an installment plan. The installment plan lasts for 36 months.

There are various service names,
・Basic plan: “Pepper Basic Plan”
・Warranty service: “Pepper Insurance Pack”

The basic retail model requires the basic plan and insurance pack, with a 36-month agreement.
For the Pepper Basic Plan, SoftBank will inform the user about additional agreements before the 37th month.
For the Pepper Insurance Pack, after 37 months any failures will be estimated on an individual basis.

Here is how the one-time and installment payment plans work.

<Robot body paid upfront, with installment plans for the basic plan and insurance service>
Pepper(一般販売モデル) 分割払い



<Everything paid upfront>
Pepper(一般販売モデル) 分割払い


In either case, the total cost is the same, at approximately 1,080,000 JPY.

Furthermore, the basic model is sold under the primary assumption that it will be used for household purposes, but it can be contracted under either a personal or company name.


Pepper for Biz(Corporate Model)Value, Cost

With Pepper for Biz, there are two choices for installation: rental and purchase.

The service names are:
・Basic plan: “Pepper for Biz Basic Plan”
・Warranty service: “Pepper for Biz Security Insurance Pack”

The Pepper for Biz Basic Plan is required for rentals and optional for purchasers. The Pepper for Biz Security Insurance Pack is required, with a 36-month agreement.
SoftBank will inform users of the Pepper for Biz Basic Plan and of the Pepper for Biz Security Insurance Plan about agreement renewals before the 37th month.

Here is a breakdown of the costs of renting and purchasing.

<Rental plan>

・Without Security Insurance Plan
Pepper for Biz料金(レンタル・あんしん保証パックなし)

・With Security Insurance Plan
Pepper for Biz料金(レンタル・あんしん保証パックあり)
*The rental period lasts 36 months. Even in the case of early cancellation, the user must pay for the full 36 months.


<Purchase plan>

・Without Security Insurance Plan
Pepper for Biz料金(買い取り・あんしん保証パックなし)

・With Security Insurance Plan
Pepper for Biz料金(買い取り・あんしん保証パックあり)


At 36 months, the rental is comparatively cheaper.


【5/19 Additional Notes】Pepper(Android Compatible Version)Value, Cost

The Android-compatible development model is paid for by installment plan, with a payment period of 36 months.

The service names are as follows:
・Basic plan: “Pepper Basic Plan”
・Warranty service: “Pepper Insurance Pack”

The service agreement period is 36 months.

Here is an overview of costs for the Android-compatible model.

<Robot body only paid upfront, with basic plan and warranty service paid over an installment period of 36 months >
Pepper (開発者モデル・Android対応)料金


In Short: Basic 1,080,000 JPY/Biz 2,250,000 JPY/Android 970,000 JPY

Here is a summary of the information we have explained:

・The basic retail model can be paid upfront or in installment plans
・The corporate model is available for rental or purchase
・The development model (Android compatible) can only be paid in installments
・Regardless of model and installation method, the service agreement period is 36 months
・The basic retail model runs about 1,080,000 yen, the corporate model runs about 2,250,000 yen, and the developers’ Android model runs about 970,000 yen


Model Installation method, payment method Total cost
Basic retail model
Purchase, installment pay plan 1,080,000 Yen
Purchase, upfront payment 1,080,000 Yen
Pepper for Biz
Corporate model
Rental: monthly payment 1,980,000 Yen (Without Security Insurance Pack)
2,330,000 Yen 
(With Security Insurance Pack)
Purchase, upfront payment 2,250,000 Yen (Without Security Insurance Pack)
2,600,000 Yen 
(With Security Insurance Pack)
Development model
(Android compatible)
Purchase, installment pay plan 970,000 Yen

As you can see, the Android development model is the cheapest at 970,000 yen.

The basic retail and corporate models cannot currently be used with Android, so they don’t feel inexpensive right now.

However, considering that the corporate model’s important Security Insurance Pack and telephone support, arrangement for alternative machines, etc. are not available with the Android version, it could lead to exceptionally troubling circumstances. This strategy may vary greatly between industries and companies; multiple companies have already undergone consultations, but it is a highly individual decision. At Seikatsu Kakumei, we’ve had many inquiries from businesses such as, “We’re using the current Pepper with no problems. How should we deal with the new Pepper?” and “We want the new Pepper, but how and when should we introduce it?”, but we think it can be used.

Next time, we will compare and explain the features and services of the basic retail and corporate models.


In this article, we introduced how to purchase or rent Pepper from SoftBank, but we at Seikatsu Kakumei offer Pepper event rental services starting from one day in length! We have an abundance of event experience, so for Pepper event consulting or Pepper event operation, so please be sure to consult with us if you are looking for an outside contractor.

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