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Accepting Pepper’s general release, our company’s president Miyazawa has been covered by Bloomberg.

Pepper application developer Seikatsu Kakumei (of Saitama Prefecture)’s president Yuukou Miyazawa said, “The number of sales has progressed brightly”. Also, beyond application developers wanting to know the necessary fees, for expanding the use of Pepper, they say, “By what points is the market being created?”

SoftBank: robot Pepper’s general release on the 20th, first 1000 (2)  Bloomberg

Additionally, at 1000 sales per month, for a company doing robot business, the chances to sell personal-use applications are also expanding.

At the tailwind of that, listening to the voices of personal customers, considering services alongside corporate ones, it is thought that very convenient and fun usages can be born.

Those who get Pepper into their hands from here on as well, we earnestly offer continuous usage consultation and event operation management, etc.! For those who want to give it a try, we also have a rental service.