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On Saitama TV (Teletama), which boasts high local viewer ratings, coverage about Jouhoku Saitama and our company’s robot Pepper was featured.

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This feature ran for 4 minutes as part of Saitama TV’s Monday to Friday night from 9:30 to 10 PM broadcast NEWS 930.


The conversation started off with our first in both Saitama Prefecture and across the country school information fair using Pepper.


Not simply a case of calling Pepper to the school and having it speak, refining the message the school should convey; we conveyed the importance of beyond simple customer visitation, conveying the essential company or business message, and building a trusting relationship with children, their guardians, and other customers.

During the program, the voices of many customers poured in, with children and their guardians alike understanding the message conveyed; the importance of the message being strictly disciplined by Jouhou Saitama and our company could be confirmed once again.


The merits of using Pepper for presentations for schools and businesses were also covered.

One is that it brings thoughts of the future. When schools and businesses give explanations to customers, schools, businesses, etc., what exactly is good about the product in question must be explained. At such a time, with a cheerful character like Pepper, a futuristic robot who brings to mind the future, it becomes a good advertisement, giving the customer the feeling that they may also have a bright future by connecting with that school or business or product.

Another is objectivity. With company and business hosts, as they deeply explain the business, school, or product, there is a certain form of sales pitch-ness that is born. Particularly, rather than an explanation using objective information, in attempting an emotional appeal and explaining in an attempt to convince customers, there have been many cases in which things have not been conveyed well regardless of whether or not that host really thinks from their heart that what they are selling is good.

With that, unlike that which belongs in a company or business, Pepper explains and objectivity is born. Customers, without holding a certain type of doubt or prejudice, openly listen to its talk and judge whether it is good or bad. These are, from the point of view of companies and businesses and customers alike, exceptionally constructive results.

(Of course, since straightforward scenario creation is a major premise, at our company we also do careful consultation and story creation.)

In closing, from our president, our forthcoming efforts and the future of life with robots were covered.

The power of using robots for the sake of solving the societal problems stemming from 2020’s declining birthrate and aging population and, while lowering costs, improving the quality of societal services was explained.

In regards to the subject matter featured above, regarding robots and the further societal changes that will be brought by robots, an increase in interest worldwide is strongly being realized.

At our company, along with continuing to power robot presentations which have faced school and company business problems, we have a strong drive to continue working towards the solution of societal issues.

If you are interested in presentations or in solving other robot problems, please consult with us.


In closing, here is one good photograph that was taken during the PR.

A two-shot of Suzuki-sensei of Jouhoku Saitama and our company president Miyazawa.

(These players promoted the project from the middle to the end. (Not to be bragging!))