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In the #1 trade magazine in Germany, Handelsblatt, our company president Miyazawa covered the state of Pepper’s usage in Japan.


„Es ist wirklich kinderleicht“, sagt Yukou Miyazawa, der 2014 den Start-up Life Revolution gegründet hat. Er ist schon jetzt vom kommerziellen Erfolg des Roboters überzeugt. 500 Peppers aus der Testphase seien bereits im Einsatz – u“nd die Nachfrage gerade von Firmen ist hoch“.

Volks-Roboter aus Japan: Noch ist Pepper ein Zuschussgeschäft

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Nobody at our company could understand German, so we tried to translate…

“President Miyazawa of the startup established in 2014 says, “It’s a very simple thing.” He believes in Pepper’s commercial success. He says, “In Japan, the already existing development-use Pepper is already open for use, the demand from businesses is huge.””

Miyazawa, seeing the covered article, also wasn’t so simple. In saying that, Pepper’s commercial success is unmistakable, and he says it is also unmistakably changing the personal lifestyle scene of customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to continue conveying this Pepper and robot excitement to Germany and across the world?