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In the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, our company’s Pepper efforts have once again been given coverage.

This time, in an overview of a large volume of robots, particular robots’ representative usage examples were introduced and featured.

In the middle of that, Aiko (which does customer service at a department store) and the small-size robot Palmi, among other various robots’ usage examples were introduced; as part of that, our company’s Pepper was picked up and introduced.


At the core of the subject matter lay our activity at Jouhou Saitama’s school information fair. Pepper was used to successfully convey the school’s message, explaining the curriculum in great detail.

Also, while listening to our president’s interview, the Nikkei Shimbun’s reporter appeared a bit surprised in hearing that the rate of customer attraction power saw an immediate 50% increase twice, and it seems that subject matter has been adopted. The rate of customer attraction cannot go up that high  by simply using Pepper. The reporter may not have been aware of that.

June’s implementation especially caught the eyes of children, who took photos with Pepper; we could feel its gradual rise in level of recognition with children intuitively。

From here on as well and starting with Pepper, we hope for the acknowledgement of robot usage to spread.

At our company, we are hoping for the greatness of Jouhou Saitama to spread.