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Our company’s entertainment video productions about our company’s applications for Pepper were introduced on Nihon TV.

[Programs with the Introduction]

Nihon TV series Monday to Thursday from 11 PM and Friday from 11:30 PM broadcast of NEWS ZERO

Nihon TV series Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 5:50 AM broadcast of Oha!4

3-3-7 Rhythm and

Sumo wrestling


and so on were introduced.

These videos were exhibited in the SoftBank-organized development contest App Challenge, and afterwards, demonstrated on demand at retail stores and events; that they were even shown on TV brings us deep emotions.

Yesterday and today, the calls and emails from even personal contacts to our business and numerous questions as to whether it was available on Youtube have made all of our staff truly pleased.

(Separately, these are introduced again on the homepage and Facebook page (

Pepper is an entertainer, giving off the feeling of a robot that can fully demonstrate various personalities.

At our company, beyond this, very interesting things, from good acting to sorry things, we have various kinds of Pepper motion in stock.

For robot and Pepper-related event planning and operation, rental, system development, etc, if you have an interest, please be sure to contact us.