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Pepper collaborated with a medical system!?

Our company is said to be famous for Pepper presentations, but actually, we also undertake a lot of application development.

This time, a collaborative system between Pepper and an already-running hospital reception system has been developed. Attaching a receipt printer to its chest tablet, a basic Pepper becomes able to perform hospital reception.

It will be exhibited from July 13 at the Modern Hospital Show, so come and see it if you like.

Furthermore, for the Pepper arrangement at this event, Seikatsu Kakumei’s Pepper rental is being used. At our company, we also do application development for trade shows and Pepper rentals, along with system development. Along with those achievements, trade exhibitions also go smoothly.

Press Release Contents

The two companies Shanti, Inc. (Location: Meguro, Tokyo, Representative Director and President Miki Inagaki, referred to hereafter as Shanti) and this company, Seikatsu Kakumei (Headquarters: Chuo, Saitama, CEO Yuko Miyazawa, referred to hereafter as Seikatsu Kakumei) have developed a unique system integrating SoftBank Robotics’ Emotion Recognition Humanoid Robot Pepper and a mobile receipt printer as a means of realizing efficient, high quality hospital service. This was presented at METI in January 2015 as a new robot strategy, as the medical field has been identified as a priority in facing the year 2020.


■About Pepper Use for Medical Systems
Seikatsu Kakumei and Shanti are performing system development aiming for the realization of various hospital reception business hospitality, rationalization and cost reductions. As the first step, they have developed a hospital reception ticketing system using SoftBank Robotics’ emotion recognition robot Pepper (*1). At National Modern Hospital Show 2015, which is being held from July 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2015, a presentation and demonstration is being implemented.

At this exhibition, not only are future robot use models being presented, an actual usage demonstration of the already operating AEL Medical Booking System (*2)’s integration with Pepper can be experienced. This is the first system in Japan to integrate Pepper with a system used by medical organizations. In this system, there is a built-in mobile receipt printer. With this, the server computer previously required for data transmission is no longer needed, successfully realizing a simple system by virtually connecting Pepper and a printer. By mounting a small and lightweight mobile printer to Pepper, a reception robot that even prints tickets has appeared.

Both companies are focusing on Pepper’s characteristics of (1) natural communication focused on conversations and (2) increase of correspondence work via application scalability. This trade show is an introduction to hospital reception and receipt ticketing business, adding robot hospitality to a location; we plan to expand application development in order to increase the satisfaction of hospital visitors and support hospital rationalization and cost reduction.

■National Modern Hospital Show 2015 Summary(From its homepage)
Date and Time : July 15-17, 2015 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Venue             : Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Tokyo) East Exhibition Hall, Conference Building
(Exhibition will be implemented at AEL’s booth.)
Official site      : (Japanese)

■Company Information
Company Name   :Shanti, Inc.
Location              : Meguro, Meguro City, Tokyo
Representative     : Representative Director and President Miki Inagaki
Subject of WorK   :(1) Medical care and welfare business system development and sales, consulting
(2) Pepper robot application development and sales

Company Name : Seikatsu Kakumei, LLC.
Location            : Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama
Representative   : CEO Yuko Miyazawa
Subject of Work :
Seikatsu Kakumei is a software company which advocates “improvement of human lifestyles through robotics” and “creating humans that won’t lose to the evolution of AI robots”. Projects range from suggestions for concept and usage for Pepper solutions to company management and product issues, to planning and development and local event operations of Pepper. Used in education in the first half of the year and made popular in news and televised media, a Pepper system using a mobile receipt printer was first suggested in June.
URL   :

■(*1) Pepper Overview
Pepper is the first emotion recognition humanoid robot sold by SoftBank Robotics. With the features of internet connectivity and the ability to add applications, being sold in a diffusing price range as a rare humanoid robot, expected to be used as a long-term solution to company issues. In both of the past two times it was released for sale, it showed such great demand that reservations sold out in under a minute each time.

■(*2) AEL Medical Booking System Overview
Realizing smooth reception for hospital organizations (whether or not a reservation system is used), clinic booking and reception ticketing system.
Product Information: (Japanese)

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