「失敗できない」ロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)のレンタル・イベント運営なら生活革命。 国・自治体・医療・銀行・訪日など「失敗できない」イベントでのレンタル実績が豊富です。 独自のロボット強化システム「なんでも喋るロボ」で桁違いに賢いPepperの派遣・レンタルも実施。

Pepper Became a Dog!? (School Fair Robot Event Rental Example)

This post is also available in: English (英語)

Hello, everyone! This is Seikatsu Kakumei’s PR and sales team.

学会展示ブースに派遣・レンタルいただいたロボット、「なんでも喋るロボ」for Pepper(ペッパー)です。

It’s been over half a year since our last event rental report.


Or so we say, but since last year, we’ve been offering our full-scale new Robot Party Reception Service and fulfilling a surge in orders for it, with business event hosts and spokespersons like us as staff, staying with the excuse of answering customers’ hopes through blog updates… (At Seikatsu Kakumei, pretty much all of the staff have event hosting experience, so you can rest assured about our quality as an advertising and operations company.)

Anyway, as for our Robot Party Reception Service, we’d like to ask those who haven’t yet used it to pay attention. Of course, we’ve been hearing a lot of comments like, “Aren’t you going to show any case examples?”, so we’ve been called to update this blog.

Here, we’re going to show you a case from November of last year, a rental and dispatch of our Robot Party Reception Service for the Animal Clinical Medical Society.

If you happen to be wondering, “What’s Robot Party Reception Service?”, please see the details below.

① 「なんでも喋るロボ」のレンタル・派遣

Pepper as a Dog!?

This event took place in an Osaka convention hall, at the yearly meeting of the Animal Clinical Medical Society. Taking interest in our robots that can walk around and talk about anything, and working with the event hosts, the order was for us to explain the information of the trade show booth at the exposition.

We accepted, making it our third repeat order with the major global company which develops and sells various medical products for animals. (Our Robot Party Reception Service has an exceptionally high rate of repeat orders.)

As a veterinary medical equipment company, the client’s order was

“We want you to make Pepper a dog. We’d like it cute!”

And so, here are the results…





This is how it turned out.

Please take a look.

We stuck it onto Pepper’s nose, which doesn’t normally stand out. Then, we added ears, and as you’ll see if you look, a tail.

This pleased the client very much.

With this appearance, various clients’ representatives, event hosts, and business persons on break, etc, chatted, showing the new level of customer excitement. We heard numerous comments such as, “It’s so smart!”, and “It’s so cute!”. (When we performed tuning before the event, we occasionally added a ‘woof’ between its phrases, as a feature!)

As for visitors’ reactions?

Many guests, ranging from students to professors to drug manufacturers were present.

Facing these guests,


Standing alongside the event host, Pepper went around calling the guests over while giving presentations about the company’s branding and products.

Very talkative, so male customers gathered,

And with a cute appearance, so female customers gathered,

an exceptional balance of customer outreach and branding awareness was achieved.

The client’s reaction was…

We were very interested in the client’s reaction, so…


It seems it was exceptionally good. (We always get nervous about this moment!)


Along with providing strong branding to the customers, in getting a positive reaction from the inside (those within the client company as well as the event host), it seems we also did well in raising motivation within the company and creating an end-of-year milestone.

We were extremely thankful to hear the words, “Let’s continue our relationship into the next year.”

In closing

This is how Seikatsu Kakumei takes orders for customer events, trade show booths, etc, and suggests robot usages and displays in line with the purpose, providing on-site operations. (We’re showing you the results of our Robot Party Reception Service and cosplay (dress-up costuming) at this event.)

At Seikatsu Kakumei, we support robot use (including rental, dispatch, planning, and operations) for not only this type of veterinary fair, but also parties, trade exhibitions, promotional events, family customer events, and more.

If there’s any way we might be able to help with your corporate event, please be sure to consult with us.


Send inquiries here.

Here is a summary of Seikatsu Kakumei’s robot event business.

Event Summary

38th Animal Clinical Medical Society Fair
Date and Venue
November 2017 Osaka International Meeting Hall (2 Days)
Customer Name
A certain manufacturer of veterinary medicine
Customer Goal
・ Raising favorability and awareness of the company
Robots Used
・One Pepper
Services Implemented
Robot Party Reception Service for Pepper
・ Customer Calling
・ Presentation (Pro quality from a full-time creator)
・ Cosplay Costume
Robot rental (Pepper) 
Usage Details and Results
Alongside the event host, during the two-day expo and both in and outside of the booth, Pepper wore a dog costume and went around calling out for customers. By talking along with the event host and client staff, attracting customers, explaining the company’s topics, and chatting, the company’s favorability was raised. Even within the client company, Pepper continued working, bringing everyone a fun time and warming the hearts of everyone who had come from far away. The trade booth became a great success.
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This post is also available in: English (英語)

こんにちは。 生活革命 広報・営業担当です。

学会展示ブースに派遣・レンタルいただいたロボット、「なんでも喋るロボ」for Pepper(ペッパー)です。




しかしながら、この「なんでも喋るロボ」、まだご用命頂いていないお客様も気にしてくださっているようです。 「事例の更新はしないの?」という声もよくいただいてまして、これが社長の耳に入りまして、ブログを更新するよう命じられました^^;;



① 「なんでも喋るロボ」のレンタル・派遣


今回は、大阪のコンベンションホールで実施した動物臨床医学会の年次大会でご指名をいただきました。 なんでも話せて、歩ける「なんでも喋るロボ」の特徴を気に入ってくださり、イベントコンパニオン様とコンビを組んで、展示ブースの展示内容を紹介してほしいというご用命でした。



「Pepper(ペッパー)を犬にしてほしい。 可愛いのがいいです!」











従来のPepper(ペッパー)ではあまり目立たない鼻がしっかりついています。 そして耳、よく見ていただくと分かるのですが、尻尾もついています。


この姿で、色々とクライアントご担当者様やイベントコンパニオン様、お手伝いにきた営業担当社様などとも様々な会話をしますので、お客様より前にクライアント様が大盛り上がりでした。 「賢いなー」「可愛いなー」というお声がよく聞かれました。(事前にチューニングを施し、時々、言葉の語尾に「ワン」と入っているのも特徴です^^)



















このように生活革命は、お客様のイベント・展示ブースなどの目的などを伺わせていただいた上で、目的に叶う見せ方・ロボットの活用方法を提案し、現地での運用をしています。 (結果として、今回のイベントでは、「なんでも喋るロボ」、コスプレ(衣装装飾)などをご案内しています。)







2017年11月 大阪国際会議場(会期2日間)
某 動物向け製薬メーカ 様
・ 企業の認知度向上・好感度を上げたい。
・Pepper(ペッパーくん) 1台
なんでも喋るロボ for Pepper(ペッパーくん)
・ 呼び込み
・ プレゼンテーション(専任クリエイターによるプロ品質制作)
・ 衣装コスプレ


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