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We’re writing about the final round of the Pepper App Challenge.

At the venue, other than the app contest, an interesting product contest (Japanese link) also ran.

In the interesting production contest, as with the app contest, 10 various video and image productions were showcased at the finals.

It was judged by the votes of 200 viewers at the event, and a prize of 50,000 yen was awarded for the best work.

One of our productions also advanced to the finals round, as an interesting video production!

The top winners chosen were the video “Fierce Robot Showdown! Roomba vs Pepper” and the image Where’s Pepper?, which brought great excitement to the venue. Congratulations!

This video continued to the final round.

Since the creation time coincided with the new year party season, this production was born while considering different ways of using Pepper.

We were uncertain about handling musical instruments, but Pepper shakes the maracas skillfully!
(If you want to see our past Youtube videos, they’re here)

Here is our alternate production!

For Pepper, who still isn’t good at enacting fast motion, we were able to reproduce the swift and skillful movements of boxing, but at what cost!? We missed out on the prize.

For updates on the SoftBank Pepper App Challenge and to see the other Interesting Production Contest entries, please take a look at the hashtag #Pepper_AC on Twitter.

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