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Seikatsu Kakumei has developed a robot and IoT device application to aid in monitoring the elderly, in collaboration with RTC, Inc. (headquartered in Kamisawa, Kawachi, Tochigi Prefecture). On February 10, 2017, special elderly nursing home Fujiyama no Hoshisama (of Kamisawa, Kawachi, Tochigi Prefecture) began a test demonstration.

This system utilizes Pepper (which Seikatsu Kakumei has used in creating many solutions), Robophone (which is gaining attention as a new communication robot), and smart watches using Google’s latest OS, Android Wear 2.0. With the cooperation of multiple devices, we provide a means of communication in the form best suited to caregivers and residents.

Robophone, smart watches, and Pepper sync to provide this security system

The state of affairs at the field trial

This elderly monitoring system collaborates with Pepper, Robophone, and smart watches to provide alerts if a patient gets up or it is time for their medicine.

Sensors placed in the patient’s bed check the conditions. If the patient tries to get up, Pepper and smart watches alert caregivers with their name and room number. When their medication times draw close, information is similarly displayed. In this way, caregivers no longer need to check on residents one by one, yet can quickly and reliably respond to their needs.

Furthermore, when a patient attempts to get out of bed, Robophone can call out to deter them from getting up.

Following the introduction of this system, we anticipate a reduction in the amount of work burden placed on caregivers at nursing homes.

At Seikatsu Kakumei, based on our extensive performance and experience with Pepper, we’ve combined many IoT devices into a solution for this company’s problems, meeting their needs. Please feel free to consult with us.

Many usage cases and performance examples! Introduction of Pepper Use Cases

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