「失敗できない」ロボット・Pepper(ペッパー)のレンタル・イベント運営なら生活革命。 国・自治体・医療・銀行・訪日など「失敗できない」イベントでのレンタル実績が豊富です。 独自のロボット強化システム「なんでも喋るロボ」で桁違いに賢いPepperの派遣・レンタルも実施。


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【ご招待 緊急特報 秋の大感謝祭2015’】




橋本様、 立石様、久慈様は当選となります。


お陰様で予定数を上回る応募をいただき、誠にありがとうございました。厳正なる抽選の結果、当選者のみなさまへのご連絡を完了しました。 当選を逃された方には誠に恐縮ですが、当日丸広百貨店 川越店にお買い物にお越しになられた方のための当日席もご用意しております。 

お問い合わせ先: support@seikaku.co.jp


今年もやってまいりました。 生活革命の秋の大感謝祭です。 本年はPepper(ペッパー)事業を開始したこともあり、Pepper(ペッパーくん)にちなんだ内容です。

11月14日(土)16:00~ 丸広百貨店川越店にて、世界初のPepper(ペッパー)向けマジシャン・マッキー小澤と話題の人型コミュニケーションロボットPepper(ペッパーくん)による、世界初のロボットマジックショーの第二弾を開催します。


ロボットSAITAMAで初お披露目したマジックショーに加え、更に強化した新作Pepper(ペッパー)マジック イルミネーションショーも披露します。 生でPepper(ペッパーくん)のマジックショーを見る数少ないチャンスとなります。






※ 抽選結果は金曜日の24時に当選の方にお知らせさせていただきます。

※ 当選されなかった場合も、当日席もご用意させていただきます。





11月14,15日はマジックショー以外にも、丸広百貨店川越店 にてPepper(ペッパーくん)によるお歳暮販売デモンストレーションを行います。





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[Event Notice] Lottery for Macky Ozawa Magic Show (Maruhiro Department Store Kawagoe)!

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[Special Report: Fall Customer Appreciation Event 2015 Invitation]

Priority Invites to World’s First Pepper Robot Magic Show Beta for 50 People♪

At the request of many customers, the lottery application deadline has been extended until 2 AM. We are awaiting everyone’s applications with anticipation!

Some of the selected persons could not be reached by e-mail.

Hashimoto, Tateishi, and Kuji have been selected.


We extend our sincere gratitude to all of the overwhelming number of applicants. In accordance with the results of the lottery, we have contacted all of those who were selected. Though we make no promises for those who were not selected, for the sake of those who go shopping at Maruhiro Department Store Kawagoe on that day, same-day seating will also be prepared. 

For inquiries: support@seikaku.co.jp


We’ve done it again this year! Seikatsu Kakumei’s Fall customer appreciation event. This year, as we’ve launched our Pepper business, we’re making the topic about Pepper.

On Saturday, November 14th from 4 PM at Maruhiro Department Store in Kawagoe, the world’s first Pepper-focused performance between magician Macky Ozawa and the humanoid communication robot Pepper, actually the world’s first robot magic show’s second showing will be held!


In addition to the first magic show which was announced at Robot Saitama, a new and even more enhanced Pepper magic illumination show will also be showcased. You won’t have many chances to see a Pepper magic show live!

In the day’s spirit of gratitude, for the thrilling premier of this show, we would like to give priority invitations to all of you who read our company’s blog and Facebook.

Please fill out the necessary details on the application form and apply.

The application form is here:http://goo.gl/forms/Z0gkTq7kRF (the deadline is 9 PM on Friday).

We will be awaiting a large volume of submissions!

*We will notify winners of the lottery results by Friday at midnight.

*Even if you are not selected, same-day seating will also be prepared.

Our magic show showcased on November 3rd (a holiday) at Robot Saitama 2015 at Wester Kawagoe was also quite popular.



[Pepper Supporting Year-End Gift Sales]

Beyond our magic shows on November 14th and 15th, at Maruhiro Department Store Kawagoe, Pepper will give a sales demonstration of year-end gifts.


Please be sure to also watch Pepper working at a department store!


At Seikatsu Kakumei, we do planning, operations, and rentals for events using Pepper and other robots. The Pepper robots we offer are a little different from the others!

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