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First Robot Banking Reception System in the Country

In Fuji Sankei Business i., a reception system using our company’s new product “Seikatsu Kakumei Robot High Speed Customer Service System Version 3” was picked up.

It is the first system in the country to use a robot for banking reception and number calling.

This time, in collaboration with system developer Laurel Bank Machine, it was placed in Musashino Bank. It has begun operating in Musashino Bank in Saitama Shintoshin Personal Plaza.

In this system which utilizes the humanoid robot Pepper, not only are simple reception and number calling performed. Greetings are given according to the time of day, in a feature merited for its overflow of hospitality.


About our new product

In regards to our Seikatsu Kakumei Robot High Speed Customer Service System Version 3 which was introduced here, please be sure to read the article below.


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